Business Coach & Consultant

Know How to Improve Your Business Growth with Consultant

Let’s know how to improve your business and expand your success options with us at Marty Cutler. We are available with the best business improvement ideas.

As your business coach and consultant, I will be your navigator. I am an objective and skilled partner whose only purpose is your success. My style is straightforward and pragmatic. My focus is to develop your potential as an effective business leader.

I will encourage and challenge you.

We will meet and have a focused conversation; I will ask questions so that you will learn more about yourself and I will learn about you. Through active listening, together we will clarify where you are stuck and where you want to be. 

Whether you are just starting up or improving your established business, I will work with you to clarify your vision, identify your strengths, and areas for growth.  If you have an established company, we will meet to evaluate the processes in your company that require special attention. You will have a customised coaching plan that will address your company’s challenges.  

As your coach or consultant, I will provide an ongoing structure for commitment and accountability – supporting you to use new skills and act on them. I will guide you to develop and use your critical judgement and honestly evaluate what is and is not working. I will challenge you to become a thoughtful decision maker. My role includes supporting you to have a realistic perspective and discuss how you will sustain your motivation through the inevitable ups and downs of business endeavours. I will empathize and recognize your achievements.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.
— Chris Grosser