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Testimonials – Marty Cutler

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Marty is a kind, compassionate and gifted coach. I always look forward to our conversations. He is able to balance thoughtful listening with sharing his wealth of experience and ideas.
He quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and leaves me with helpful insights, ideas or questions to ponder. I hope that others may have the opportunity to change their business for the better by working with him.
— Allan Bramson, Sr. Vice President, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

I approached Marty Cutler because I required counsel on strategies I could employ to help me with my business and navigate and grow in a new regulatory framework announced by the federal government. Marty helped me first and foremost by asking questions, then digesting the information and providing good counsel. The result was that I had the clarity I needed. One thing I liked was that Marty listened and was able to provide very well thought out responses and advice.
I unreservedly recommend Marty to people who need sound, reasoned, considered professional business advice emanating from years of seasoned business acumen.
— Masood Mohajer, President, SPIC Alvit Pharma Ltd.

I have had the pleasure and indeed the privilege of the very competent and capable services of Marty Cutler as I and my businesses were going through a transition towards retirement. Effective business coaching is an art and Marty is among those whose practice of the art is exemplary. He immediately understood my angst and where my Achilles heel was, probably not unlike most business people going through a transition, and he was able to allow me the privilege of looking at consequences of different actions that I might take. Marty allowed me to fully explore all options and to help narrow my decision to the most beneficial comfortable, and advantageous direction to implement and consistent with my personal values and those of my companies.
Bravo Mr. Cutler.
— Paul Caplan, President(Past) Novack Holdings Limited, Novack’s Uniform Solutions

I met with Marty shortly after changing career paths, and his unique combination of business acumen and personal skills provided invaluable insight for my new role. Working with Marty helped me to start my new business with confidence, including learning techniques for dealing with a high stress sales environment - skills that I continue to use today.
— Zac Morison

Marty’s warmth and manner make him trustworthy and comfortable to confide in.
He’s a great listener and his feedback comes from years of experience and success.
Meeting with Marty gave me great insights into strategies to avoid as well as paths to accomplishment. I highly recommend Marty as a coach and look forward to my next consultation with him.
— Maxine Warsh, President, Maxine Warsh Facial Rejuvenation

Marty Cutler, as a leader, has the ability to mentor and direct others to develop their own framework for success that has a positive impact in both their business and personal lives. As a successful entrepreneur, he looks beyond the moment to ensure that business strategies are meaningful and lasting benefits are achieved. Marty is a thoughtful, generous individual who demonstrates a strong passion for community and the rights of the individual.
— Lawrence Small, Vice-President, Finance, Fairmount Books Inc

I worked very closely with Marty Cutler for over 27 years and he was an excellent mentor who shared his insights on many aspects of being a successful entrepreneur that I am currently using to run my own business.
Marty taught me how to negotiate so that both parties feel they have won and look forward to their next business transaction. Marty’s approach to business is thoughtful, carefully measured and very strategic. He taught me the art of weighing hard cost benefit analysis with gut instinct to arrive at a considerate decision, as often the numbers did not tell the whole story.
— Paul Snow, Managing Director, Strathearn Distribution
I have long been an admirer of Marty Cutler’s business acumen and integrity. He built a very successful business and mentored a first-class team of dedicated employees. Under his leadership, they provided excellent customer service, produced many innovative and creative marketing ideas and were the best organization in their field. I also had the pleasure of working with him on the board of our trade association where he was the source of provocative ideas and provided much valued strategic thinking.
— Peter Waldock, Founder, North 49 Books
I’ve worked with Marty on a couple of ventures, and couldn’t have asked for a better coach and consultant. He brings a wealth of experience, a strategic, visionary mind, as well as creative, counter-intuitive advice that actually gets results. He has helped me make big leaps in my career, and he is my go-to choice for solving tough problems.
— Donald Cowper, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur